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Arbitrium | Coming soon

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i think you’re gonna hate this… Coming soon.


It’s a Movie debate podcast for points …and bragging rights!

Each week we bring a movie or TV show to the table that we think the other person will HATE. We debate, and give out points for good arguments. At the end of each show, there can only be OOONNNEEE WIIIINNNNEEEEERRR…

Our inaugural 13 week season is under way, and the overall winner is going to get a little present that the loser thinks they’ll hate, but realllly wants them to love. It’s a battle for the ages.

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news & Updates


Arbitirum Teaser is live!

3/11/19 — The first teaser for Arbitrium is live. We are hard at work preparing ourselves to begin principle photography this spring, so make sure you check back regularly for updates, behind the scenes content, and more!


5/9/19 — Set Build Begins!

We’ve made a home at ADX Studios in SE Portland to build the set for our upcoming shoot — ARBITRIUM!


5/16/19 — Build Day 9 update.

The build continues though lots of hot days, lots of caffeine, and not so much sleep. Making progress!


5/19/19 —Build Day 12 update.

Our crazy little room is coming together… We’re almost shoot ready.


5/21/19 — PRODUCTION BEGINS on Arbitrium!

After a two week build, we’re starting production on Arbitrium today! It’s been a crazy year of preparation to finally get here. Stay tuned. Welcome to the Arbitrium…


5/25/19 — Production: Day 4.

Fun on set!


5/30/19 — Production: Day 9.

Our time here at ADX Studios is coming to a close but there’s still work to be done. We’re making a huge push these next few days to finish production on our set!


5/31/19 — Production: Day 10

Strange things are afoot in our little room…


6/1/19 — Production: Day 11

8 hours into the shoot at 3 AM with copious amounts of caffeine surging through our bodies.


6/2/19 — And that’s a wrap on set!

It was a crazy month of ups and downs but we made it! That’s a wrap on our set! I couldn’t be more proud of what we did in this insane box of ours. Still some more footage to get outside of the studio. Stay tuned!


Get your first official look at ARBITIRUM on 7/1!

The first official trailer for Arbitirum is all ready to go. See you in July!



— Arbitrium Trailer #1 is live!

Get your first taste of footage today on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or right here on this site!

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